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What if I don't know enough about quilts, but I know I need help?

Not a problem - Sue is always helpful in answering questions related to quilting. Sue has many years in the field and can be contacted through Booking an Appointment for consultation or you can contact us through Facebook Messager. Book a One on One Consult (FREE - we don't charge for advise). Leave us an email through our contact page. ( Call Us during normal business hours.

How much extra quilt backing should I send with my quilt top?

Depending on what services you are requesting. Edge to Edge Service - we recommend atlease 6" extra on all sides. The extra is used to ensure we can pin both your top and backing into the machine. If you are requesting binding also - not a problem - binding is done last and we'll use the extra backing or you can send us extra. If you have any questions simply email us at or call us at (573) 896-5661 during our business hours.

I would like to have my quilt done, but I don't have the money.

We completely understand - we are not in the business to nickel and dime. We are here to help bring your work of art together. We do offer intrest free financing just for our customers. You must have a active checking account | credit card | utlity bill reflecting your current address. We can set your your monthly payment to fit your budget. There are NO FEES - NO INTREST. A simple first payment and you're on your way. We will set you up and you can be walking out with your quilt completed within 7-10 business days. Just ask about financing!

Your website says free shipping - does that apply to my quilt order also?

All online orders through our store - shipping is free. To quailify for free shipping on quilting orders - your quilt service must equal to $100 or more to qualify. If you live within 60 miles of Jefferson City area we will deliver your quilt for FREE if requested. We make month runs all over the state. We will just add it to one of our stops.

If I want to ship a quilt to you because I live outside your area - how do I make sure you get my quilt?

Sue's Quilting Company will notifiy you that we have recieve your quilt and it contents. We use a secure shipping drop with the USPS and we can recieve UPS, FEDEX, DHL shipments at below address. Send your top and backing (no backing? No problem! Let us know what your looking for. We are a fabric store also) Please make sure your backing is atlease 6" larger on all sides to allow us to pin your quilt into our Nolting Pro 30" throw with a 14 foot table. We can handle a XL Cal. King with easy. Our machine is NOT computer guided. An actual person guides the machine over a pattern. When sending a quilt - please include your infomation - so we can contact you about your choices of patterns and thread color. Send To: Sue's Quilting Company 131 West high Street #1136 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

I have a large amount of T-Shirts. Can you give more infomation?

Yes, Sue's Quilting Company has made many t-shirt | memory quilts. We charge by the shirt. This cost includes cutting, pressing, designing, quilting and binding your quilt. Cost for an adult T-Shirt $15.00 per side or $25.00 for both sides. Cost for baby clothes $5.00 per side. Depending on the amount of shirts is also dependant on the amount sashing is used. Normally a deposit is required to cover our cost. The average deposit is $100. Depending on size requested the deposit could be lower. If you have anymore questions - Please contact us.

Do you offer Binding Service?

Yes, Sue's Quilting Company offers binding service. Depending on what type of binding you wish. We can machine bind your quilt or you can have it done by hand sew. We always us the French Fold (English Fold) binding - which gives your quilt extra durablity. Crib | Throw $10.00 Twin $15.00 Full $20.00 Queen $25.00 King $30.00 Cal. King $35.00 XL Cal. King $45.00

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