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Sue's Quilting Company is opening the doors for quilters and quilter alike. We want to help you create. We realize you might be on a limited budget. So, we are here to help.

How does in house financing work

It's really simple. We gather all your information. Name - Address - Phone Number - Government Issued ID - Active Checking Account & Debit Card. If you prefer we can use a credit card for your monthly payments.

We set up a reoccurring payment plan for the desired time of the month. Our system automatically debits your card or checking account for your monthly payment


When do I Receive My Product

Right away. The same day!

After your payment plan has been set up and you signed all your documents and make your first payment. You are ready to go. Your payments are automatically deducted from your checking, debit or credit card once a month. 

So, the quilt you started but do not have the money to finish it before the birthday, holiday, or whatever the occasion. Sue's Quilting Company has a solution. 

What happen if I default on my payments

Simply call us. Really it is that simple. We can rewrite your contact at anytime at no additional charge. If you can not make a payment for a month. NO PROBLEM - just call us and we can defer payment(s). We understand life happens - we have been there.

Total default with no communication? We will close your account. Your account information goes to our attorney which places an order with the court for garnishment and is reported to all 3 credit reporting agencies normally 2X the amount originally financed. 



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