No matter how much work needs to be done. It's our standard $50 fee for service. Parts for your machine is additional.

To make it simple - $50 plus parts


With Sue's Quilting Company we know the care and pride our customers have in their equipment, so we take care of your machines as if they were our own. We also know that your projects are often time sensitive, so we pride ourselves in getting you back to sewing & quilting as quickly as possible. For walk-ins your estimated turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.

What we do:

Clean your machine so we can see all parts. Tensions can be done but may need to be changed when changing the weight of your thread or fabric you choose to sew with. Everything which is not in the design of the machine is removed - old oil, grease, dirt, lint, anything and everything which does not belong inside a machine. Then we test sew. Timing your machine to perfection. 

Simple and Straight Forward

That's the way we like it.



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Common Servicing Questions

My thread keeps knotting up around the bobbin?

This could be caused by many reasons. One of those reason is your bobbin case has a bur on the outer casing. You can take out the bobbin case and check for any areas that are not smooth. Your thread has to be able to glide over the case so any bur will cause it to jam up. Simply take a finger nail file and smooth out any burs. Then put the casing back in your sewing machine to see if it will work. If this does not work - it could be a timing issue or your simply need a new bobbin case. Not a problem - bobbin cases normally run between $5.00 - $76.00 depending on your machine. Call us @ (573) 896-5661 and we'll get it fixed so you can get back doing what you enjoy.

My machine seems to sound like its really running hard.

Sometimes and in most cases - your machine needs cleaned and oiled. You can do the basic by blowing out around the bobbin area with canned air. We totally break down the machine, clean and oil every moving part in your machine. Really this needs to be done every year for a Hobbiest and every six months for those "a little more than hobbiest". Sue's Quilting Company has the lowest servicing cost. Bring us your machine and the next day you can pick it up ready to go. We do a 100 point check while servicing and cost is as low as $20. We also keep a record on your servicing and repairs. So, if something needs repaired, we order the part and keep it on hand for when you're ready.

Do you have any servicing plans?

Yes! We'll put a plan together which best suits your needs for your machine. We don't like cookie cutter plans which gives you a bunch of stuff you really don't need. Talk to James and he'll put a plan together which suits you and your machine.

I'm on a limited budget and don't have the money right now to fix my machine. Thats how I suppliment my income is by sewing. Can you help?

YES! Our business is geared to helping. We have financing available with no intrest or additional fees. We can break down your payment into affordable payments. 1 month - 12 months. We have you covered. Best part - you don't have to deal with third party financing. Everything is automatic and done inhouse. You can have your machine serviced, repaired and normally walk out with your machine within a week or less.

Where do I go to drop off my machine for service?

You can drop off your machine if you're local (Jefferson City and or surrounding area) at: Hisortic Downtown Jefferson City 111 East High Street Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 You can also contact us and we'll send you a shipping label to have your machine serviced. You can ship to the same address noted above.

What if I don't need my machine cleaned, only a part replaced?

If your machine doesn't need a service but you need a part installed that requires the machine to be taken apart, it will be the same as a service charge. Since it still requires the time and skill needed to take apart and put back together (correctly) and make sure all the parts are working together in harmony. While it is taken apart James will also clean any debris and add any oil needed and make any other adjustments he sees while it's taken apart. If you insist on only wanting the part replaced, we recommend you wait until your machine needs service and the tech will replace the part(s) at the same time.

How do I know if my machine only needs a base service or something additional?

Basically if your machine is sewing (feeding the fabric and making a stitch) then it should only need a base service. If the stitch looks horrible, it's most likely only a tension adjustment which is included in the base service. If your machine won't make a stitch or knobs/dials are frozen, it will most likely need some extra time and work invested and there may be additional charges. When you bring your machine into us we will give it a thorough estimate and let you know how much we estimate it to cost (there's no charge for estimates, and if we end up being wrong, the tech will let us know and we call you first and get your approval before doing any extra work and adding on extra charges.)

What's included in the base service?

A regular service includes a thorough cleaning, necessary lubrication and any minor adjustments. He will take off the covers and make sure everything inside is clean, oiled and working in tip-top shape before putting everything back together and testing the machine to guarantee the stitch quality is perfect and the machine is humming along nicely.

What should I bring with my machine to have it serviced?

When bringing your machine in to have it looked at you should bring everything that we'll need to make a zigzag stitch. Including the power cord, foot control, bobbin and bobbincase, presser foot and needle. If you are having a specific problem bring in a sample of the fabric and thread you are using and an example of the problem you were having. You may bring your machine in a case or not, we will mark on your paperwork everything you leave to make sure you get it all back. You do not need to bring in the manual or accessories. If the repairman needs a manual, this probably shouldn't be his day-job. If you have an embroidery machine, you should bring the embroidery unit and hoop with it so that he can service both at the same time.

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