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SQCO will close early 3:00PM on May 20, 2022 and all day Saturday, May 21, 2022.
SQCO will close early 3:00PM on May 20, 2022 and all day Saturday, May 21, 2022.

History of Sue's Quilting Co.

About Sue's Quilting Company & History

Sue’s Quilting Company started with Betsy Smith in 1986 out of her small home in Marshfield, MO which has a population of 7,562 and a part of the Springfield, Missouri, Metropolitan Area. The company name was then Betsey's Quilting Corner as ladies were walking to and from with bags in their hands full of fabric and finished quilts. 

In 2015 Betsy handed the business ropes to her daughter Sue in turn started her own operation from the basement of her home. Working 2 jobs as a single mom of 3 while working to fulfill customers quilting request. 2016 Sue married and had another partner with business background which was willing to help her soar. James, Sue’s new husband, did not know what he was giving involved with, filed for Limited Liability Corporation status. 

 Late summer 2019, the new Sue’s Quilting Company has outgrown their townhouse basement and the decision was made to finally move into a retail location. After months of pouring over their personal financials, finally took the plunge on the Historic Downtown location. Since moving to the new location Sue’s Quilting Company was forced to shut down due to CoVid-19 restrictions but didn’t stop the flow of customers wanting service and purchasing products online. Picking up and making deliveries to porches and many trips to the local post office.   

Where Betsey's Quilting Corner is now Sue’s Quilting Company. – Sue’s Quilting Company is strong and commented to the success of their customers quilting adventures. New services online and new equipment provides a comfort level of customers knowing Sue’s Quilting Company has endured the worst and still came out strong. Customer centered crew of five has made Sue’s Quilting Company a nationwide success story. Yet we believe they are just getting started. 

Sue Christian, Founder & Owner - James Christian, Senior Manager - Michelle Crawford, Manager - Jonathan Brown, Manager - Betsy Smith, Pioneer Founder - David Michael Allen Crawford, Retail Customer Service.