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T-Shirt | Memory Quilt is Born

$20 Single Side Shirt

$25 Double Sided Shirts

Process & Design

We cut your shirts to fit the design of your choice add interfacing and start sewing your design together.


Sashing, Backing, Batting, Edge to Edge Quilting and Binding is all included

Discounted shipping

After you approve your quilt. We ship via UPS, USPS and FedEx at discounted commercial rates.

The Process

The PrBest Practiceocess

While there are lots of steps to completing your custom quilt. The ones that YOU need to worry about are simple.

Getting your shirts to Sue's Quilting Company

Sounds simple. But, you have several options. If you are in the area, you are invited to come to the store, just make an appointment and come on by. If you are not in the area, or just don't have time, no worries, just ship them via the Post Office (USPS), UPS or Fed Ex.

Order Processing

We double check your items once we receive them. Then we will call or email you our ideas and this is the time to make sure you tell us what you are wishing. We put your tshirts in its own project box, where the contents are isolated during the entire process of completing your quilt.

We enter the order into our proprietary software order entry system, which produces an estimate, cutting layout and documentation to keep track of your quilt as it moves from one step to the next in the process of creating your quilt. We use the best practices available and continually review our processes for improvements.

Prepping the shirts

Next, we prep the shirts and cut all the fabrics to complete your quilt. Everything is put back into the project box until it is ready to be sewn.

Layout and Sewing

At this point, unless you have indicated a preferred layout, we lay out the shirts in a pleasing manner. The blocks are then sewn together to create the 'top'. We sew the backing fabric, iron everything and get it in to the queue to be quilted.


Your quilt is professionally machine quilted on a longarm machine. We use the latest computerized technology to give your quilt a consistent all-over design. A design is chosen by you or you can choose "Quilters Choice". Quilt designs are selected to give a pleasing quilted effect, but do not distract from YOUR t-shirts. No newbies quilting your quilt!


Binding is the final step in completing your one-of-a-kind quilt. Binding encloses all the raw edges of the quilt and gives the quilt a professional finish. Sue's Quilting Company uses 3" Double Folded method using the ZigZag stitch for a long lasting binding.

Going Home

You always have the option of picking up your quilt, or we can ship it back to you. Generally, we use USPS Priority Mail, and you will be sent a tracking number via email when we create the shipping label. Other shipping options available for an additional charge.

* Please note, we can no longer start work on your project without a $50 deposit per quilt. This is non-refundable, but will be applied to amount due of quilt.

** When shipping a package, please do not ask for signature confirmation, as you will most likely delay delivery of your package by a day or so. We have a secure area that our Postal, UPS and Fed-Ex carriers are familiar with.


Let's Get Started

Give us a basic idea of what your looking for. All the details will be worked out later.

Value is required
Value is required
Value is required

All items must fit inside a 14" block. We can use the front of a shirt or cut it down and use both front and back or a logo. Both must still fit inside the block.

Value is required

We DO NOT tag our quilts. We will place a custom label on your quilt if requested. All labels are printed and then attached to the back binding. Normally the bottom right corner.

Shipping: We can provide you with a shipping label to mail your t-shirts to us. We use commercial rates which are normally more cost effective. We can also arrange pickup for you. Shipping charges are added to your final invoice.

Value is required
Value is required

Once Sue's Quilting Company receives your T-Shirts. They will inventory t-shirts sent. Since Sue's Quilting Company is NOT a cookie cutter T-Shirt Quilt maker. Every design and details are gone over through the phone consultation.

A email is needed to provide a deposit invoice and a final invoice. However, we will still need this form to start your order. If you do not start your order within 30 days. Your deposit will be refunded.


Please validate your request for T-Shirt Quilt with reCAPTCHA.
Thank you! We will be in contact with you in 1-5 business days.

How Much Will it Cost?

For a Traditional/Standard T-Shirt - or Premier Custom Quilt - One t-shirt block is $20 There is an additional $5 fee if the block is pieced from multiple shirts or front and backs.

Our pricing is all inclusive, which includes a great selection of fabrics for your one-of-a-kind quilt, all materials, custom professional machine quilting, tons of extra features to commemorate your t-shirt quilt. You can choose from our in-house inventory. We have basic tone-on-tone colors as well as a variety of trendy, modern and novelty prints. We also offer at no additional charge - a wide outer border. The outer border gives a finished look to the quilt.

We've had a number of requests for a simpler quilt design that more directly compares to our lower-priced competition. If you prefer that simple look, just specify the "Basic" option for $25/block. Like all of our T-Shirt quilts, the price is all-inclusive. But unlike our competition, you get a full 6" outer border around the entire quilt instead of the typical 2 or 3 inches! Please note that the optional accent border is NOT available on this option.

Our Frameless/No Sashing T-Shirt Quilt is the newest option that we are offering. At $16 per block this makes a very economical option for you. We have removed the sashings and cornerstones and sew the shirts directly to each other. This option is great if you have a lot of concert shirts that might be larger than our standard 14" block. We do suggest that you add the Optional Accent Border as a frame around the shirts before we add 6 inch outer border. We DO stabilize your shirts. These quilts are still made with the highest quality materials and will last a lifetime.

Our Traditional and Standard T-Shirt Quilts include sashing and cornerstones. A block is the front or back of a t-shirt. We can also use a combination of smaller logos, photos, ties or almost any fabric item you can think of for an additional minimal charge. We provide the backing and a high quality batting and then fully quilt it together with your t-shirts on the front.

Cornerstones can be the same color as the sashing for a totally different look for no additional charge.

Each square finishes at approximately 14". You can specify a different size to make the quilt fit your specifications.   Smaller sized t-shirts will result in smaller sized squares. By the same token, larger squares will result in a larger quilt. If you have an over-abundance of tshirts, maybe go to a smaller sized block, and small sized sashing. If you have several large image shirts, make a note and let us know, and we will do our best to adjust for those sizes when making your quilt.

Some of the most common sizes are listed below.

  Number of Blocks


Approximate Quilt Size


9 62" x 62"      
12 62” x 78”      
15 62" x 94"      
16 78” x 78”      
20 78” x 94”      
25 94” x 94"      
30 94" x 110”      
36 110" x 110"      
42 110" x 126"      

Quilt Types

Standard T-Shirt Quilt - The base price per T-Shirt block is $20. This is what you will receive unless you specify otherwise.

Basic T-Shirt Quilt - The base price per T-Shirt block is $25. Only has one border. Accent border is not an option.

Frameless/No-Sashing T-Shirt Quilt - Base price is based on $16 per block. No sashing or cornerstones. Accent border is an option.

Memory Quilts - Quilts made from non-tshirt clothing.

Other Details

Any details that we may have talked about on the phone or via email should be noted. You are welcome to email the layout of the tshirts. to

Combines - There is an extra $10.00 charge per block for 'simple' additional seams. A 'Simple seam' is one additional seam in the block. These include:

    • combining of 2 shirts (or a front and back) to make one block
    • combining small logos from different T-shirts to make one block
    • adding fabric behind v-neck (such as a Football Jersey)

Extensive Fabric Prep - This usually applies to clothing that you bring to use that takes a lot of time to prep before we can use it. Clothing items like school uniforms and ties require time to prepare to be able to use in a quilt. While we don't mind offering this service.

Return Shipping for one quilt will be via USPS Priority mail and will be up to $25* per T-Shirt quilt. UPS or other shipping carriers are available for an additional charge.

Sales tax is charged for quilts going to any Missouri address. If you are a non-profit organization, we can omit the sales tax with an authorized Tax ID form on file.

Deposit - A $50 down payment is required for each quilt and can be made by cash, check*, credit card, PayPal or we can send an invoice to your email.  

When your T-Shirt quilt(s) are complete, we will send an email requesting the final balance including the shipping charge. If you pay by check, please allow up to 10 days for the check to clear before we can ship your quilt(s). If you use a credit card or Paypal, your quilt will ship the same or next day after receiving the notice of payment.

Our 'busiest' times are prior to May graduation and the Christmas holidays so it might take a little longer. Be sure to let us know if you have a specific deadline that we need to meet.


Optional Features

Sue's Quilting Company

Ship Your T-Shirts or Items To:

Sue’s Quilting Company

131 West High Street

Suite 1136

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Doing the Math

Counting Your Shirts

In separate piles. Start by counting the shirts you'll be using front side only. In a separate pile start counting the shirts you want to use both front and backs.

It's our pleasure to help

The pile you'll only be using one side. Take $20 X Your Count=

The pile you'll be using both sides. Take $25 X Your Count=

Add both number together to get your cost.

Remember Everything Included

If you're still not sure, It's our pleasure to help. Send us your T-Shirts and we can best use the shirts which will go with your chosen design.