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Having questions about your Wish.com order? Hopefully the information displayed below will help you understand what is needed for pick up and the timeframe from which you can pick up before being refunded.

Winter Weather Secure Holding

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Everyone at Sue's Quilting Company wants you to have a pleasant WISH.COM shopping experience. Please remember Sue's Quilting Company is not Customer Support or affiliated with WISH.COM other than providing a secured shipping drop point to save you money. 

You must remember the following - otherwise we will not be able to give you the order you are expecting.

  1. We must have a QR Code given to you by Wish. Without the QR Code we do not know what package to give you.

  2. If you order and have shipped to the store. You only have 15 days to pick up your order. If you do not pick up your order within 15 days - a refund will be issued and the item(s) you order will be placed for sale again on the Wish App, this is automatically done and beyond our control.

  3. Please be polite and understanding - we are doing this for you - we make NO money in providing this service. However, being loud and disturbing other customers can result in banning you from the WISH.COM app and or you will have to ship your order to your place of your choosing - not Sue's Quilting Company.

  4. You can obtain for information my clicking "FAQ" and then "WISH.COM". 

WINTER WEATHER CLOSURE? Secure holding so your order does not get refunded or returned because time has lapsed. We are here to help: We are always watching the weather. We want our customers to be safe along with our staff. When we are closed due to winter weather. You'll see a flashing "Closed" sign above our store hours in the footer of every page. When we are open you'll see the flashing "Open" sign. In the event we are closed and you have a pick up. Take a snap shot of your QR code and send it along with your name to info@suesquiltingcompany.com. We will check in your package and you can come pick it up once we reopen. This way you don't have to worry about it being returned and refunded.  

DELIVERY: WHAT THAT'S CRAZY!!! Yes, we offer Wish.com delivery service. Check your Wish app. Sue's Quilting Company will deliver your Wish.com order to your door. 


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